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Transcendental by Ryn Jorgensen (they/them)

Check out this original composition inspired by Trans Pride Los Angeles!

When I realized I was genderfluid, I was mostly isolated from the Trans/GNC/ENBY community at my university in Indiana. Attending Trans Pride Los Angeles a few years later was a revelation for me as I found a vibrant and loving community, and a common narrative into which I could contextualize my own. I composed Transcendental with the goal of distilling the voices and stories of Trans/GNC/ENBY folks from L.A. to both express our communal story, and to show the unique beauty of each individual. I hope it helps other Trans/GNC/ENBY folks feel the community and love I felt at my first Trans Pride. You are beautiful, and you are not alone.

-Ryn (they/them)

Instagram: @rj.composer